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Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits

IIIII Are you in need of CEUs today?
Unlimited 24 Hour Access
Immediate Credits
Formal Education Process
Instant Certificate
No Waiting

Our Courses Will:
Fit your Budget
Fit your Goals
Fit your Schedule

Credits /Credit Hours
3 Hours=0.3 Credits
5 Hours=0.5 Credits
7 Hours=0.7 Credits
10 Hours = 1.0 Credits

Cost $45 per 0.1 Credit

We specialize in Government Employees. County Attorneys, Local Police and Fire, Social Workers and Plant Managers. Our experience has provided a strong foundation for understanding the needs of Public Sector Employees by providing evidenced based resources to increase employees personal and professional effectiveness.
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24/7 Portal Access Call: 651.998.9376 Email:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Please check back here for our Live Broadcast streaming video lectures.

This Drives Our Work:

•Unity of the Individual(s)
•Goal Orientation
•Race as a Construct
•Self-Determination and Uniqueness
•Social Context
•The Feeling of Community
•Mental Health/Wealth
•Individual Striving
•Social/Individual Interest
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Registration Tutorial

Registration Tutorial
This quick video will walk you through our step by step process for registering for one of our many online courses. Audrey will give you tips, suggestions and tools that make your registration process...a snap.

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Call Us: 651- 998-9376