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andre koen
Varietas Libero Vis Vires: Diversity Liberates Power

Many of our courses have been pre ­approved for Continuing Education Credits, Continuing Legal Education Credits, Minnesota Board of Social Work Credits as well as the Minnesota Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Credits. Certificates are available for submission to your local licensing organization.

Do you have someone who needs special attention?
Can they "grow" or need to "go"?
Are these folks always dodging trainings?
Do they need a plan?

Individualized Coaching Programs
This personalized approach helps individuals change and shape specific behaviors, adjust attitudes and use better conflict skills and effective communication styles to add to a positive work environment. Our 3 hour course allows us to aid staff, students or client to discover their diversity and to create plans to better interact with others who seem different from themselves. If you are in need of group sessions or want to increase sessions, talk to us.

The Courses

Andre Koen is an energetic presenter, a powerful communicator, and a dynamic teacher. There are many words that describe him. The most illustrative is, “Andre, the Enkindled Spirit”. Andre is a diversity trainer in Minnesota. He provides face-to-face and online courses on diversity education including leadership development, empowerment training, cross-cultural competence, sensitivity training, anti-racism training and team building.

andre koen online education

Our Courses range from 90 minutes,120 minutes to 9 week courses. Each course will contain a clear syllabus, readings, media, games, and exam questions. You will be required to pass the course at 80% or better. At the end of the course you will be awarded a certificate that will provide you with CEU/CLE/POST documentation. Courses range from $150 for day workshop to $350 for a multi-session course.

andre koen

Facilitated Programs
Each of our courses will follow this basic outline in terms of the instructional process. This model is designed primarily for individuals or organization that want to assure stakeholders or empower themselves that teaching and learning is happening with the aid of an instructor.

Course Structure

  • Client intake interview (45 minutes)

  • Online Diversity Assessment (20 minutes)

  • Course Consultation with AMH Staff(30)

  • Course Content (6-7 Hours;

  • Final Examination, Action Plan and Certificate

  • Course Consultation with AMH Staff (30)

  • Report back to Human Resources

Independent Study Course
These courses will provide opportunities for individuals to go at their own pace through the materials, reflect on issues that are important to them and engage the content in a relaxed manner. This course will be graded and is automated by our course software and will send the participant a certificate once the course is completed at 90% or better.

Course Structure

  • Course Content

( 8-10 Hours )

  • Video Lectures

  • Journals

  • Final Examination

  • PDF Certificate as a report to Human Resources

Course Content
This offering is for those who are curious about the topic and just want to explore this in a very casual way. The course will come complete with all the readings, core content, videos, lectures as our other courses. Individuals who engage in these session enjoy the leisurely nature of the course and understand that life long learning is living.
Course Structure
  • Course Content

( 6 Hours )

  • Video Lectures

  • Journals

  • Pdf Files

Please note that as of January 1,2014 our prices have changed and may not be reflected on all of our webpages.  

Many of our courses have been pre ­approved for Continuing Education Credits, Continuing Legal Education Credits, Minnesota Board of Social Work Credits as well as the Minnesota Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Credits. Certificates are available for submission to your local licensing organization.

POST Board

Andre Koen

We use a Learning Management System as our online learning service.

In order to successfully complete our online courses, you'll need to meet these minimum computer base and technology requirements:

  • An Internet connection (note: broadband access is not required). A 4.0 generation (or higher) web browser. We have been proven to work with the new versions of most major web browsers, including the most recent releases of the following: Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s FireFox, Google’s Chrome, and Safari. For must functions it will be important that your browser is updated.
  • Cookies must be enabled on the web browser for domains as this will allow you to keep track of your course. A
  • All participants must have a verified and working email address that they regularly check.
  • The latest flash player (free from Adobe) installed is recommended to access our streaming video and web based content like youtube. Firewall must be allow access to, and sound must be enabled.
  • A printer is recommended if the learner wishes to print out the course materials to study offline. Any required books are listed in the course syllabus.
  • The course syllabus is available to the general public online.
Course Type
Course Topic
Group Size

We will create a Individualized Diversity Education (IDE) plan based on your goals and a 45 interview you and the student.
This IDE will include:
+learning objectives
+behavioral objectives
+student's action plan
+project final report

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Registration Tutorial

Registration Tutorial
This quick video will walk you through our step by step process for registering for one of our many online courses. Audrey will give you tips, suggestions and tools that make your registration process...a snap.

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